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Information resources for farmers.

  • Profarmer Australia (visit site) - Independent supplier of agricultural commodity market information and strategic advice. Produces a subscription-based newsletter containing information on grain, wool and livestock news and analysis.
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  • Sustainable (visit site) - Reviews the published literature on organic farming with particular reference to broadacre agriculture. Questions whether organic farming really is sustainable in the medium to long term.
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  • Australian Farm Institute (visit site) - An independent policy research institute that commissions and carries out research into policy issues impacting on Australian agriculture. The objective is to promote policy outcomes that maximise the opportunity for Australian farmers to operate profitable and sustainable businesses.
    (Added: Jun 14 2005)
  • Conservation Farmers Inc. (visit site) - A non-profit organisation built on the information and experience shared and collected amongst farmers for profitable and sustainable farming and for environmental preservation.
    (Added: Oct 16 2003)   Broken link Broken link
  • Country News (visit site) - Online news and portal web site specialising in Australian agriculture.
    (Added: Sep 26 2003)
  • Infopest Agvet CD-ROM (visit site) - A computerised database of all nationally registered agricultural and veterinary chemical products, produced and sold by the Department of Primary Industries, Queensland.
    (Added: Oct 31 2003)   Broken link Broken link
  • Kondinin Group (visit site) - Provides a range of agricultural information for farmers, including the magazine 'Farming Ahead'.
    (Added: Sep 1 2003)
  • Nuffield Farming Scholarships Australia (visit site) - Provides scholarships for Australian farmers, promoting excellence in all aspects of agricultural production, distribution and management through the adoption of local and international best practice, and continuous development of a unique network of rural industry leaders and innovators.
    (Added: Nov 12 2003)
  • Pest Genie (visit site) - A database specialising in information about plant protection and animal health products.
    (Added: Sep 21 2003)
  • Rural Law Online (visit site) - An information resource on the law for all regional and rural Victorians, provided by the Victoria Law Foundation.
    (Added: Feb 14 2005)

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