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Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of organic and synthetic fertiliser products.

  • CSBP (visit site) - A manufacturer and supplier of chemicals and fertilisers to the mining, industrial and agricultural sectors.
    (Added: Sep 1 2003)
  • Farmers Marketing Network (visit site) - Markets a range of agricultural and horticultural soil, plant and animal health products, consistent with the requirements of sustainable and biological farming practice.
    (Added: Jan 26 2004)
  • Fertico (visit site) - Supplies fertilisers for broadacre and horticultural use, as well as the home garden and organic markets.
    (Added: Sep 19 2003)   Broken link Broken link
  • GroMor Australia Pty Ltd (visit site) - GroMor is a concentrated, odourless and organically certified fertiliser that combines high levels of organic nutrients, carbon and beneficial microbes.
    (Added: Nov 17 2004)   Broken link Broken link
  • (visit site) - Online shop for composting products, compost tea brewers, monitoring equipment, microscopes and bioactive soil additives.
    (Added: Oct 16 2008)
  • Guano Australia (visit site) - Suppliers of Madura Guano Gold "Kwik Start" natural dicalcium organic fertilizer, high in available phosphorus, calcium and silica with trace elements.
    (Added: Sep 4 2005)
  • Imtrade Australia (visit site) - Manufacturer and supplier of agricultural chemicals, trace elements and fertilisers for the broadacre market.
    (Added: Oct 14 2005)
  • Incitec Pivot (visit site) - Supplies a full range of agricultural nutrients, and operates manufacturing facilities in Queensland, Victoria and New South Wales.
    (Added: Aug 27 2003)
  • Neutrog Australia (visit site) - Processed poultry manure fertilisers including Rapid Raiser, Bounce Back, Blade Runner and Upsurge.
    (Added: Aug 21 2003)

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