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Manufacturers, distributors and suppliers of organic and synthetic fertiliser products.

  • BioFarm Agricultural (visit site) - Specialises in biological soil management and magnetic water solutions. Markets the BioFarm range of biological soil management products including soil microbial inoculants, humates, fulvates, fish fertiliser and soil conditioners. Also supplies magnetic water conditioners for hard water, salinity and iron problems in bore water.
    (Added: Nov 8 2004)   What's this?
  • Advanced Nutrients Pty Ltd (visit site) - Manufacture and market a range of inorganic and organic liquid fertilisers for soil and foliar application as well as value-added commodity fertilisers such as Black Urea, Black DAP, Black K and Black SuperP as well as a range of rock mineral-based fertilisers.
    (Added: Oct 16 2007)
  • Aglime Fertilisers (visit site) - Manufacture, supply and application of fine particle agricultural lime fertilisers specific to farmers needs.
    (Added: Aug 30 2008)
  • Agrichem (visit site) - Manufacturers of systemic fungicides, wetters, stickers, surfactants, liquid fungicides and a range of liquid fertilisers.  Top 100
    (Added: Aug 14 2003)
  • Agrobest Australia (visit site) - Offers a range of crop protection products, fertilisers, soil conditioners, starters and trace elements.
    (Added: Mar 8 2007)
  • Agrow Australia (visit site) - Markets a range of bulk fertiliser products and raw materials, trace elements, micronutrients and speciality products.
    (Added: Oct 7 2003)
  • Barmac Industries (visit site) - Supplies a range of crop protection and fertiliser products to horticulture, agriculture, turf and amenity horticulture.  Top 100
    (Added: Oct 10 2003)
  • Bio-Tech Organics (visit site) - Markets a range of products for bio-dynamic, organic and ecological agriculture, including humates, inoculants, compost teas, soil builders and various minerals.
    (Added: Feb 24 2005)
  • Compost Tea (visit site) - Producer of organic compost teas and extracts for soil improvement and pest disease prevention.
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