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Specialist equipment for the horticultural industries.

  • Compac Sorting Equipment (visit site) - Develops and manufactures innovative solutions for sorting and packing fruit and vegetables by weight, size, shape, density, external blemishes and internal quality.
    (Added: Apr 14 2005)   What's this?
  • Arrow Scientific (visit site) - Offers tests and equipment to measure fruit grading, pesticide residues, temperature logging of soils, moisture and protein for grain.
    (Added: Nov 23 2004)
  • Colour Vision Systems (visit site) - Designs and manufactures a range of equipment for the fruit and vegetable packing industry, from simple bin tippers to sorting machinery, software and electronics.
    (Added: Oct 3 2003)
  • John Falland Australia (visit site) - Supplies a range of products including wine barrel rack and bins for grapes and horticultural produce.
    (Added: Nov 6 2003)   Broken link Broken link
  • KW Automation (visit site) - Manufacturer of post-harvest fruit and vegetable handling equipment, including fruit grading machines, grading and washing systems and peripheral equipment.
    (Added: May 2 2007)
  • Maliky Distributors (visit site) - Supplies equipment to the horticultural and viticultural industries including pruning equipment, grape bags and grow tubes.
    (Added: Oct 3 2003)   Broken link Broken link
  • Solnology (visit site) - Supplies solar powered electronic bird repellers that use predatory bird and bird distress sounds randomly played through the system.
    (Added: Oct 28 2008)   Broken link Broken link

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